Battlestar Galactica Series to Get a Renewal Review and Upcoming Information

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Battlestar Galactica Series to Get a Renewal

The Battlestar Galactica series is now a huge phenomenon of the 2000s. Although the first season was canceled after just one season, it still managed to become one of cable’s most watched shows. The show became a rival for Game Shows like The Price is Right and Deal or No Deal as it was able to outfox its competitors in both ratings and general popularity. The show’s large popularity was largely thanks to its unique premise of groupings of unlikely characters who travel around the world and are forced to work together in order to solve the mystery surrounding their past. There is still a dedicated following today, and the Battlestar Galactica Series Actors and Writers are hard at work on a new series.

One of the more interesting episodes of Battlestar Galactica was “Eick”. Eick is the father of one of the main characters, his brother Jake. The episode was directed by Bruce Hersell and featured Jack O’Neil as Jake, along with Jennifer Aniston as Moira, the wife of Jake’s best friend, Dan. Eick would eventually marry Moira, but on the day of the wedding he would watch as his son is killed in a plane crash. Because of this, Eick vows that he would do everything in his power to ensure that no other family members ever have to die in his family.

Syfy is currently planning a brand new Battlestar Galactica Series. Variety reports that the network executives are planning a spinoff based around Moira and Jake. According to Variety, the new series will feature Moira, who has appeared in the original series. It will also feature some new characters, namely Dan, a pilot, and Allison, who played Moira in the original series. According to Variety, both characters were mentioned as being in the lead role.

Syfy is Developing Battlestar

There is no specific reason as to why Syfy is developing a Battlestar Galactica mini-series revolving around Moira and Jake. According to Variety, none of the network executives are saying why they decided to make the spinoff, but it just appears as a logical move. Of course, the writers for the project are said to be in talks with Syfy, and could pick up the rights to develop a TV miniseries around Edward James Olmos’s original character. Of course, we’ve seen how well George Clooney’s character ended up with the big screen, so we may not see another such success story like that.

Regardless, the new Battlestar Galactica series is expected to follow the story line of Battlestar: Peacekeeper, which is what made the original series so successful. It’s a spinoff of the long running TV series of the same name, which chronicles the history of mankind as it relates to space stations, colonies, and the Battlestar family. In short, there is a lot to expect in this new Battlestar Galactica series, especially if it gets picked up by a cable or satellite TV network.

Syfy has yet to announce whether or not Battlestar Galactica will be picked up for a second season, or if it will end up cancellation. For those that are worried about the ending of Battlestar Galactica, you can relax because Syfy has already announced that it will be bringing back the Battlestar Galactica series with a brand new miniseries. No word on the premise though, so we’ll have to wait and see. As for Edward James Olmos, he’s still alive and well, but if you know anything about his work, you’ll know that this new miniseries will probably not feature him.

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