Crysis’s Battle Royale Version Leaked?

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The infomous game series Crysis is know to be trying a new version which will be Battle Royale Version. But what’s amazing rumors are it has been leaked. Crysis’s Battle Royale Version Leaked?

A Twitter user mentions a video as the Battle Royale version of Crysis. Let’s see what’s the truth the the rumors.

Crysis’s Battle Royale Version Leaked?

Crysis was first released in 2007 and quickly gained the attention of many video game fans. Cray Engine, the game engine of the game at the time was so sophisticated and powerful that the game ran hard even on the best computers. In 2020, CryTech, the game developer, released a remastered version of the game. Although not as popular as the previous version, it does feature 8K beam tracking graphics. Now a new video of this game has been released, which according to rumors is related to the Battle Royale version of Crysis!

Rumors of the existence of Battle Royale Crysis have been circulating among fans of the title since late October 2020. Documents provided by Crytek show several other VR titles that may be under construction in addition to the Battle Royale version of Crysis. According to rumors, the title of the Battle Royale version of the game will probably be Crysis. Next, which, like most Battle Royales, allows 100 players to play simultaneously. So far, no other possible information about this title has been identified.

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In the leaked video of this game, an anonymous gamer is playing this possible version. The music played in the background prevents the viewer from hearing the sound of the game. The video also reveals that if the game is related to Crysis Next. The game is still evolving because some of the game’s textures are not yet complete. The color palettes of the player’s character and surroundings are largely white and brown.

While this video shows some of the basic gameplay elements of Battle Royale games. It still certainly can not be considered as a Battle Royale version of Crysis because the video images are very blurry and poor quality. However, Crysis fans will have to wait for official and new information from the studio that made it.

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