Dead Island 2 May Be Cancelled For PS4 Xbox One

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The anticipated game of 2021, Dead Island 2 which is a sequel of famous series Dead Island now hangs in between. Dead Island 2 May Be Cancelled For PS4 Xbox One.

According to the new hiring announcement of Dambuster Studios, the maker of Dead Island 2, the game will probably only be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series | S and PC series to be released.

Dead Island 2 May Be Cancelled For PS4 Xbox One

It was seven years ago that Dead Island 2 was officially introduced with an interesting trailer, but since then until today, the game has struggled with many problems in the development process and there is no news of its release yet;

To the extent that if it is only said that the game has only suffered several delays, the right has not been paid. The creator of Dead Island 2 has changed many times over the years, and Dambuster Studios is currently responsible for making this game.

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Games made by Dambuster Studios include Homefront: The Revolution. With all these conditions and problems, the publisher continues to insist that the game is scheduled to be released and has not been canceled; Also, according to the information obtained, it seems that there have been changes in the platforms on which Dead Island 2 will be released. Recently, a Twitter user named MauroNL referred to Dambuster Studio recruitment ads.

According to the ads from the studio, the studio is working on an AAA game that will be made for next-generation consoles and PCs. Although Dead Island 2 is not directly mentioned in this ad, Dambuster Studios is not officially working on any other project and other ads of this studio only included the name of Dead Island 2. According to the ad, Dambuster Studios is looking to hire someone as a producer.

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This recruitment does not mention about the old generation consoles, and considering that in the previous ads which were premiered by this studio, the new and old generation consoles were always mentioned, it seems that this game is not going to be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and only on Play Station 5 and Xbox X Series | Series S , Qabltjrbh is. The creator of this game has changed 3 times since its introduction.

There is no official news about this yet but its our deduction and speculation, but the developer started working on game in 2019 and will probably start building the game from scratch. As a result, the release date of the game is likely to be around 2022 to 2023, so the non-release of Dead Island 2 on older platforms makes sense.

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