Does PlayStation 5 NVME Driver Loads Games Faster?

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After a long wait, Sony has finally made the extra SSD memory feature available to PlayStation 5 users, and the tests performed have yielded good results. Does PlayStation 5 NVME Driver Loads Games Faster?

Does PlayStation 5 NVME Driver Loads Games Faster?

There are many players who have a large library of different games and need extra SSD memory. The PlayStation 5 did not take advantage of this feature at launch, but a console software update beta is now available that allows NVME SSD memory to be used on the console. 

Tests in this area have now been done with very good results and fans have compared it to the original SSD of the console. After installing additional SSD memory, the console tests its speed and then allows you to transfer installed games to it. 

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Digital Foundry tested the Samsung 980 Pro SSD and found that its performance for playing games was the same as the console’s main memory, and it could load games even faster. Few would have expected the same performance as the main memory when playing and loading faster, but this shows Sony’s good work in this area.

Of course, installing the M.2 SSD is not easy, and the Xbox X / S series does it relatively easily. Instead, to access the port, you first need to remove the system case and unscrew a few screws. It is also recommended to add a heatsink and heater to the SSD, as it generates considerable heat when playing and using it. 

Of course, you still do not have the ability to back up games on an external hard drive so you do not need to re-check saved games, and Sony will probably not add this feature to the console.

The model with the PlayStation 5 optical drive is priced at $ 500 and the model without the optical drive is $ 100 lower.

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