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The government of Jammu & Kashmir has launched a portal for their valuable employees. The new system is named EPM, which extends as the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal. The JK EPM Portal is designed to monitor the employees’ performances, as the name suggests.

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epm.jk.gov.in is the official website of the JK EPM Portal. The JK EPM Portal is designed for government employees’ self-appraisal. The portal will provide the higher officer in the hierarchy with instant information regarding employee performance.

The employees have to register themselves by going o the portal provided by the government. They register using their CPIS ID as their username and will have to create a password. They will be required to enter the CPIS ID of their immediate reporting officer. This will help in mapping out the hierarchy of the reporting officer and the subordinate employee.

They will then be able to log in through the CPIS ID as their username and password. The system will be operated online. The employees can check the PDF that provides more information regarding the new system launched by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

Colour-coded cells will be there in the portal. The employees shall know that the Reporting Officer will utilize the information to review the report.

The following points will help you understand and work on the portal better.

The portal was unveiled after much thinking and planning. It was designed to fill the purpose of good governance fully. The government is working on multiple initiatives to enhance the administration in the valley. The numerous benefits are listed below.

The Employee Performance Monitoring Portal (EPM) can check employees’ performance rates and provide help for betterment where required.

To log in, the employees will have to register themself once. The portal link is @epm.jk.gov.in. All the employees, whether in the department, PSU, or any other government office of J&K, will have to register. The employees can log in by following the process.

Go to the official portal and upload your report timely to be supervised by the reporting officers.

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