FA1 Question Paper 2022 Class 9, 10 Hindi & Telugu PDF Download

As the examination is going to be held, the students of classes 9th and 10th are getting nervous regarding the exam. FA1 Question Paper, along with the solution, can be checked online. The Question paper in Hindi and Telugu can be checked on this website.

The question paper for FA1 is available now. The students can check and prepare for the upcoming examination. The students shall practice these questions in order to score well. The Board has also provided some of the previous year’s question papers. You shall practice those as well to know the exam pattern.

Formative Assessment 1 is conducted by the respective schools. The candidates who are looking for ways to get the question papers shall check the page for the same. The time duration of FA will be 20 marks. As per the CCE pattern, the assessment is distributed in the manner given in the table.

There are a total of 4 FAs or Formative Assessments that students have to give each academic year. We have provided you with detailed information in the above table. The students shall prepare accordingly as all the marks add up to the total marks to make your tenth class result.

Tips to prepare: Those who are going to give Formative Assessments shall read the tips below.

The FA1 class 9 and 10th papers are made available to help the students prepare well. Many students face anxiety and nervousness before exams. They will be relieved if they practice with the help of sample papers. The sample paper in Hindi and Telugu can be downloaded in PDF form and then later can be downloaded to solve at your ease.

The Term 1 FA1 exam is conducted in the respective classroom of the students studying in schools. The example paper is just provided to help the students know the pattern and type of questions that can be asked in the exam. Therefore, the papers shall be used as an example, not the exact ones to be given to the students in the exam.

The question papers of FA1 can be downloaded from various educational websites. The students of  Class 9 and 10 shall check the following steps to get the papers.

The students can prepare by revising all that is taught in your class and then can read the subject book to understand it better.

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