Forensic Files Series Couldoscope A New chapter In NBC’s Crime Scene Investigation League

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The Forensic Files Series is about to get better. The first season was more or less an extension of Channel Zero. This new version promises a look into the dark side of law enforcement. Each episode will feature a different criminal, providing a look at how the system works. The first season focused on the story of Detective Sergeant David Runge, who solves crimes using a combination of logic, skill, and experience.

Following closely on the heels of that, Forensic Files II: Valentine’s Day was released. Although it takes place two years after the first season, the second season focuses on the story of another special unit called the Crime Scene Investigation Team. Unlike its predecessor, this true crime series has an all new director.

The new forensic files series features many familiar faces from previous episodes. Initially, it was announced that two of America’s most renown detectives, Bobcat Gold and Carol Burnett, would be returning to the program. They will be joined by Mark Wahlberg and Cybill Shepherd. Additionally, John Mahoney is set to guest star. He previously appeared as a mentor in the first season.

As the new season kicks off, Carol Burnett and Mark Wahlberg will once again lead the team as the idealistic head of a modern day sleuth unit. Meanwhile, John Mahoney has been promoted to be the show’s new forensics supervisor. As the first episode begins, a mysterious stranger sends a letter to Carol Burnett, offering her a large sum of money if she will partner with him in a paternity test with a private investigator. Carol is skeptical of this request, since she feels that sex is not involved in any DNA examination. But when her friend Joann Turner informs Carol that she has also been corresponding with the same man, she complies with his request.

Cybill Shepherd Team Leader

As the investigation proceeds, the team comes across several clues which strongly implicate the criminal behind the crime. Eventually, they contact Cybill Shepherd who leads the team to the address listed in the letter. Upon entering the property, they discover a human skull embedded into a refrigerator freezer. Upon further inspection, they discover the killer had used the skull to create a time paradox. Upon learning this fact, the forensics team must put a stop to this grisly murder before it becomes a bigger crime scene.

With all of these exciting twists and turns, the Forensic Files Series promises to be a hit for all ages. It is an American crime thriller co-production that is written by Greg Berlanti and starring Robert Downey Jr., as well as James Patterson, Kevin Costner, and Mary McDonnell. The original Forensic Files Series, which followed a team of lead investigators who solved different cases on their own, ended its run on NBC with an eight-season run. However, the new series is now filming its third season, which could very well debut in February of 2021. Stay tuned for more information on the new project.

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