Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Result 2022 Elections result, Live Vote Counting

Finally! The wait is over; We are going to have the Gujarat Election Result 2022 today. There were so many different opinions regarding who was going to win or lose this time. The counting of the votes began early in the morning at 8 a.m. The result was decided to be declared on Thursday.

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Vidhan Sabha Elections in Gujarat were held on 5th December in all the districts of the state. The Election Commission of India will be showing the trending online from 8 am on the 8th of December 2022.

The Gujarat election result 2022 of the elections will be filled in by the Reporting Officers from their respective Counting Centres. As stated on-site, the final result or the data will be shared for each AC/PC in Form-20.

As per the exit polls, the Bhartiya Janta Party is getting the maximum number of votes from the people of the state. Though we cannot be assured of the Gujarat Election result 2022 based on the exit polls, they provide us with an idea. The next party in the line was Congress. People have preferred Congress over AAP, as per polls. Then the other parties have a little proportion.

Multiple channels will be showcasing the live telecast of voting graphs on their channels. They will update the nation with the current inclination of the votes that are being counted by the officials. The government will ensure there will be no discrepancy of any sort. As per the news, the second phase witnessed less voting than the 1st one. The policies by the parties in recent days where they have power will inflict the chances of their win or loss.

One party will come closer to the celebration, and others will be hoping to get the opposition seats at least. In the 182 -member assembly, the predictions regarding the seats were 117-151 for BJP, whereas, for Congress, it was 16-51 only. The AAP party got the least, ranging from 2 to thirteen seats only. The candidates are praying to get the majority of seats to become the ruling party.

Those who are eager to know the result shall watch on TV or phones as the news channel discusses the ongoing predilection of the votes. News channels like Aaj Tak, News24, Republic TV, TV9, Zee News, etc., are the leading channels you can rely on to see the elections Live. The All India Radio will also convey direct news regarding the Gujarat Elections.

The result of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections is going to affect the status of parties in the coming elections of other states or not. That will be known in the coming days. The elections are being held in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh as well. There are Bye elections in a few states of India. The BJP, CONG, and AAP are the major parties seen in the elections.

Though India has a multi-party system rule as per the constitution. The mass rarely gets the opportunity to select from more options than two. Gradually AAP is trying to be on the list with the other two major parties. The 6 other parties listed as the national parties don’t have a presence all over the nation.

What can be the possible solution to this situation that the nation is dealing with? Why is politics as a profession less preferred by the nation’s youth? If you have any thoughts regarding these, feel free to share them in the comment section of our site.

Visit the Election Commission of India website for all the current election updates you require.

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