Has Moon Knight Movie Begun Filming?

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Moon Knight one of the most anticipated movie from Marvel featuring Oscar Isaac as its lead role. The question remains seeing the delay in Marvel movies. Has Moon Knight Movie Begun Filming?

Yes, filming of the Moon Knight series for Disney Plus has started a few days ago, and now we have a picture of its filming set.

Has Moon Knight Movie Begun Filming?

The filming of this series started a few days ago at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. And finally a photo of the filming set was released today. This probably indicates that the myths of ancient Egypt and the past of the Knight of the Moon will be an important part of the series. Since this filming took a few days, we can say that we are on the side of a part of the story.

In this series, Oscar Isaac will play the main role and Ethan Hawke will play the negative role. The Knight of the Moon is not as popular as characters like Daredevil or Punisher. But he has his own fans and many are waiting for the release of Moon Knight.

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Moon Knight, played by Oscar Isaac, is a darker character in Marvel comics whose stories are more suitable for adults. For many Batman Knight fans, it’s Marvel comics. He was the rebellious son of a very hard-working and hard-working Jewish rabbi. His family fled Europe in the 1930s to save their lives from the Holocaust.

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are the two directors of the series, who are known for making independent horror films. They made Synchronic last year, starring Anthony Mackey and Jimmy Dornan. Mohamed Diab will be the other director of the series. And Jeremy Slater of the Umbrella Academy series will be working on the project as a senior writer and consultant.

The release date of Moon Knight has not been officially announced yet. But it is expected to be released by Disney Plus in 2022 .

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