How Batman Meets Snake Eyes In New DC Comic?

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DC Comics recently announced the release of a comic book called Fortnite: Zero Point; A crossover comic that takes Batman and Snake Eyes on an adventure. How Batman Meets Snake Eyes In New DC Comic?

Fans are too excited too see two legend from there respected universe to collide with each other on Fortnite platform.

How Batman Meets Snake Eyes In New DC Comic?

Late last month, DC Comics announced one of its most unexpected titles. Now, in the latest news from the comic world, it has been announced that the Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point comic book mini-series is scheduled to be released later this year. In this mini-series, we see that the Dark Knight and other DC Comics characters are trapped in a very attractive Battle Royale from the world of Fortnite. These small details made fans constantly think about exactly what is happening in this Battle Royale and what they can expect. Over the last few years, Fortnite has proven how keen it is to create crossovers between different franchises.

Likewise, we could expect Batman to face characters who have been in this situation before. Now, according to a new report, we have some idea of ​​what is going to happen in the future. A new synopsis and cover image from episode 3 of the Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point comic book series have been released, showing that Batman is set to face a very popular character; It is none other than GI Joe’s killer, Snick Ease. Written by Christos Gigg and Donald Masters, the story is designed by Riley Brown, Nelson DiCastro and John Callis.

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The synopsis of the story is as follows: “Batman vs. Snake Eyes”. that’s it. This is the summary of the story. You heard right, Batman vs. Snake Ease! Yes, the same famous Snake Eye! When the unstoppable ninja j. Oh you. Joe gets involved with the Dark Knight, the worlds collide on this island! Can one of them win when none of them can escape that situation? Does Batman remember having to find a way back to Kat Woman when everyone is trying to find a way back to Gotham City? The big question is, what exactly is Harley Quinn doing here? Oh just a precaution so we don’t forget: Batman fights Snake Ease. “Do not miss it at all!”

This strange encounter is definitely a surprising and fascinating event for fans of both characters. Because otherwise there would be no other opportunity for the world of these two characters, who are so far apart, to be connected. But since Snick Eyes joined Fortnite last January, the chances of such a crossover happening are very high; Due to the fact that Snake Eye became very popular and even action figures were made from it. There is also a redeemable code in the print sections of the Zero Point comic book series that fans can use to unlock various Fortnite objects designed in DC style.

These objects are things that were designed and inspired by comic events. Fans who use all 6 codes also have the ability to unlock the Armored Batman Zero skin. On the other hand, DC Comics Infinite subscribers in the United States receive digital series and codes as a free bonus. This mini-series of comic books is to be published in many different countries and will even be published in their native language.

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