How Many Countries in the World – Countries List & Names

To know How Many Countries are there in the World, we shall look at some reliable sources. The countries have been divided as per their history of culture, language, religion, and, most importantly, with the growth of civilization near water bodies. But now, the countries are grouped as per their economic growth and political authorities, dependency, etc.

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The number of countries that are present in the world is mentioned here. There is a total of 193 countries that we have divided the globe into. The different parts of the world are divided and known for their multiple attributes: geographically as well as socially.

The following list will provide information regarding the number of countries we have. We have shared the population and land area additionally.

The countries of the world got their name based on many things. Most countries are named after the direction, name of tribes that resided, and any man who discovered the land.

There are many countries that have more than one name as well. Each country has their own flags, language, national symbols, anthems, currency and whatnot marked as its own, including animals and birds and trees.

Though we have marked the categories, we still rely on each other for many things. There are multiple issues that have to deal with together, including the ongoing Covid crisis, global warming, water shortage, food shortage and malnutrition etc.

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