IPL Auction 2023 Live Auction Date, Players List & Prices, Owners

TATA IPL Player Mega- Auction was held in February. Now mini-auction will be organised for the teams who will bid on the best players to form a great team. The base price will be displayed along with matches, runs, and the best of the players yet. The screens will have the names of the players. The teams will then introduce the 2023 IPL squad with a loud cheer after the mini-auction.

The IPL auction will have the owners of the teams and players who are not retained by the teams. Last year in IPL, auction 2022, Ishan Kishan was the most expensive bid of all the players. It will share the details on who all sold and who is yet to be auctioned. The players will be purchased in Crores by the team owners after bidding the highest among others.

The Indian Premier League aka IPL, the much-awaited cricket event is going to be organised in a while. The process now begins with the auctioning of players by the owners. The teams have decided to retain a few players. They have released a few backs to the pool. The IPL auction date for 2023 is 23rd December 2022.

In IPL Auction 2023, the team owners will bid in the name of the team. The owners will have the expert on the table to make a better decision. The purse remaining with items will also be shared with the auction going on. The unsold player list will also be shared.

The 10 blockbuster teams are prepping day and night to win the big trophy. Keeping up with the enthusiasm of the audience, a few teams have released the details regarding their IPL 2023 teams. The teams have shared information regarding who all players going to stay on board and those others that will be released this time.

The purse capacity of the teams will help them bid on the player who was released by the other teams. The auction of the players for the IPL 16th season is going to be held in Kochi, Kerala. The fans will be waiting eagerly for the mini-auction. The owners and franchise have been given the ultimatum to submit the names by 15th November 2022.

The information is not finalised by the teams’ owners yet. Hence, the official announcement may differ.

The bids are held and then go to and fro from one team to another to buy the players. They keep on increasing the price so that the other team doesn’t win their player. As per the news, each team has been allotted Rs 5 Crores to their purse for the auction.

The IPL auction price is now around 95 Crores, which they will be able to spend at the one-day event.

The teams you watch a play in the Indian Premier League are owned by some individual or franchise. They sponsor the team and supervise the team. IPL Team Owners list is provided below, check the table.

IPL 2023 Teams

Watch IPL Live Auction and check who is a new entry in the team you support and share with us which teams you liked the most in the comment section.

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