Moto S30 Pro Launch Date, Price in India, Specification & Features

The next Moto phone is here. Those who have been the trusted customers of the Company for more than a decade now shall check the new arrival. The Moto S30 Pro is all set to debut in India. The process by which you can buy this all-rounder phone is mentioned in the article below.

Important Dates

The Moto S30 Pro Launch Date is not very far now. As per the news, the phone is going to be released coming New Year’s. The launch date of the Moto S30 Pro is Jan 5, 2023. The phone possesses a classy look with lightweight and other benefits of Moto phones that we have shared in the coming paragraphs.

The phone will be costing around Rs. 25,990, as per the expectation. If you are looking to buy a mid-range phone with all the features that are possibly required, go for this one. The model price will begin from 23,990, as per other experts.

Have a look at all the features it is going to provide if you buy Motorola S30 Pro in the next paragraph. The phone allows you to do all the tasks such as emailing, listening to music, recording and watching videos and can read your important documents. The battery can not be removed as the other phones launched nowadays.

The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 plus processor. It has 8GB RAM that will carry all your important data. Every phone has some pluses and some minuses. Let’s check this phone.

Charging- It provides you with fast charging for your hectic schedules of 68W.

The battery is 440 mAh (milliampere/hour) in the phone.

USB-C v2.0

The features here are listed to provide you with an idea of what the phone is about. To check more details or compare this model, check websites online that will provide you with a quick comparison.

We know how eagerly you are waiting for the Moto S30 Pro Launch Date. As the phone has all that you were looking for in your next phone. The reviews as per the features are coming great. You can check the look online as it has shared the photos for the buyers for the potential users. It is water and dust-resistant as well.

The phone comes with a splendid display. The phone is 7.45 thick and weighs around 172 g. It will allow you to put two sims as it is a dual sim phone. It supports the 5G network connection, so you will get good speed. It has fingerprint sensors on display. It is going to provide you with multitouch. Unfortunately, it does not support an external memory card.

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