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Monster Series: A compilation of short stories based on real-life events and topics. Created as a series, the first book in the series was Monster Series: The Monster Book. It tells the story of a normal family as they try to deal with the personal and professional lives of monsters. The second book in the series, Monster Series: The Monster Book II covers a different aspect of the monster families’ lives. This is followed by Monster Series: The Monster Companion.

Michael Grant has created six books in the Monster Series. The first one was released in June 1997 and the last one, Monster Series: The Monster Book III, was released in August of the same year. The original story is set in a small town called Oak Island, and centers around the interactions between a human named Jack Shepherd and an alien called Silvergon. The story takes place on the quiet streets of Oak Island, a remote island located off the coast of Australia. The locals of Oak Island are constantly plagued by the paranormal and have formed a committee to investigate all possible means of protecting their home. Monster families are born from the violent deaths that occur there.

Monster Series: The Monster Companion picks up after the events of Monster Series: The Monster Book II. While on vacation, Jack Shepherd’s daughter Summer goes missing. A search for her leads him and his friend to the mysterious town of Middletown, where they meet a strange android named APE. APE identifies himself as a member of an alien race called the APE System, who are harvesting human beings for onward use. As the friendship between the three grows, the reader begins to learn just how sinister the scheme is.

Monster Series: The Monster Companion was made into a TV series on the SyFy Network in May of 2021. It aired on Fridays at 9PM PST and features an all new cast of characters, including writers Hope Summers (Samantha Rose) and Michael Chiklis (Ben Kingsley), along with the returning April Collins as Kaylee Price. The Monster Book II book is supposed to be the second in a trilogy about the Monster Family, though a release date has not yet been given. Some reports indicate that the book may be coming out in June, 2021, but that date has yet to be confirmed either way.

Monster Series not the GODZILLA

There are also rumors concerning a potential third Monster Series book, entitled Monster III. In addition to the original book’s Michael Chiklis and Summer Glauberman, this third book is said to feature Christophermond as an antagonist, and to delve deeper into the world of the APE System. No further details about the plot have been released, but according to several sources such as an interview with the author, the Monster Series is officially going to continue for at least three more books.

Michael Chiklis also stars as Dr. Isaac Reiskin, the only human member of the APE team who is fluent in the language of the Monsters, and is forced to work alongside the monsters instead of with them. However, when a trio of alien invaders crash land on Earth, only Reiskin can speak and understand their language. As the war between the Monsters and the humans begins to rage, Reiskin must struggle to understand what he’s fighting for, while trying to protect those he cares about from the monsters. Along with Summer Glauberman, this new book is expected to be another big hit for 2021. As the ex-Kaiser darkness release date approaches, it’s looking like this series will continue to receive popularity, making it a good choice for a new book reading genre.

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