Peninsula Movie Review 2021

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Peninsula is Train to Busan Sequel is an south Korean movie and both have same directors. It is standard sequel means Train to Busan film story is not being continued in the Peninsula. Lets review, Peninsula Movie Review 2021.

But the universe or the environment which we have seen in train to Busan ,in peninsula also there was the same universe. Means the zombie apocalypse which have come in south Korea that apocalypse is being shown in this movie also from another aspect.

Peninsula Movie Review 2021

Peninsula Movies Whole Movie Revolves around One Soldier

Peninsula whole movie revolves around the south Korean soldier. In Zombie apocalypse One saddest incident happen with that soldier and now 4 years passed for that incident now that soldier is living up in Hong Kong. There some Chinese Goons give an offer to that soldier that if you go to peninsula in south korea back there is a truck loaded up with 20 million dollars money, you have to bring that truck to airport. If you do that then we will give you half of that money and we will bring you back again to Hong Kong if you still remain alive.

Protagonist Is Ready To Fight

So this soldier and 3 more people with him ready to go back to peninsula where there are millions of zombies to do this work. Apart from this there is unit of wicked soldiers unit-31.They are surviving there somehow, all those soldiers have become emotionless they have become like an animal. For enjoyment they organize a underground fight between zombies and humans.

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Means we can’t even say them animals because animals also have some emotions but they have become worst than animals and emotionless.There is also a family in peninsula who somehow able to survive .Now what will happen after that for that you will have to watch up the film.

Our Experiences With Peninsula

If we tell about our experience. Film starting is okay, In starting of 5-10 minutes the film was good. But after that this film remove up from its track and till end its not able to comeback on its track. Where they want there its move on. Its biggest advantage is that many of the things in the films look illogical and have no sense. Second thing is that there is no emotions and no character development. There is no proper character development of film protagonist instead the family. Which is surviving in peninsula those characters in the family looks more powerful characters.

There are three female characters one is small girl another one is older sister then their Mother and one grandfather. In end of the movie film try to make its audience emotional with the help of the family. But once get started being emotional then suddenly after that they make the scenes very much over dramatic.

Some Good Things in Peninsula

One thing was good in the movie was the destructive peninsula scene which we have seen up in the movie. Where cars are crashed and whole city have become destroyed ,building full break down. Apart from that the chasing seen like killing up and smashing up zombies with cars those scenes was also

Movie Rating

Rest Film story cannot attached up with it audience anywhere or audience able to relate up anywhere. If you want to watch up this film then you can watch it surely. It is being release in Hindi and English. We will give it 5.8 out of 10 stars.

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