Ram Singh Charlie Movie Review

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Although the are many great movies of Indian movies but most of them are starred by famous actors. But with changing time many things in Bollywood have been changed like people liking story than the actors. The unexpected movies of Indian cinema has given many superhit stories, such is Ram Singh Charlie. A movie recently released, lets see a detailed Ram Singh Charlie Movie Review.

Ram Singh Charlie Movie was released on 18 August 2020, yet people found it too interesting. The movies portrays story of a circusman how he lost and gained everything in his life. The movies starred talented actors and they have given quite a good performance in the movies.

Ram Singh Charlie Movie Review

Overview Of Ram Singh Charlie

It is co-produced, co-written directed by Nitin Kakkar. There is very less Bollywood films by watching it we can say that yes its give a film boot experience. This type of movies come one time in a year. Ram Singh Charlie was one of that movie. By seeing these films we can say that the makers of this film they understand the characters of the film well and how they characters think or through those characters what message film makers want to convey. All these things have been represented by a very good way in the movie.

Story Of Ram Singh Charlie

If we talk in deep about the film story then we must note that. With changing time the ways of entertainment for people that also changes with time. Because of which many of the old artists have to see up and downs in their life. Now the Artists, Ram Singh Charlie who was earlier working in Circus found his life upside down. As the circus he used to work in got closed due to financial loss. Now the people didn’t like to watch circus. When the circus got closed after which the problems came into the life of Ram Singh Charlie. And it also effected mental state of Charlie all these things have been presented in front of us through film.

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Plus Point Of Ram Singh Charlie

Ram Singh Charlie plus point is that the dreams and wishes of an artists or the up and downs of his business they have not focused on that only. But they have also focused on the Relationships, bonds with people in the movie. In the end of the movie you will see the money which Ram Singh Charlie have save throughout his life for circus but he gives all of his savings to his friend for the operation. You must have heard from your parents also that the person should focus more on building relationship instead of building wealth. We didn’t know the money which we are saving when its gone passed away but when we are in problems then the people with whom we have build strong relationship help us in our hard times. In film also there is shown many types of relationships.

A Movie Which You Should Watch With Your Family

After relationship of husband and wife they have shown and well presented the love between father and son. Which made us very much emotional. If we talk about performance then every actors in film has done great job. Everyone has played their role in a very good way. Komad Mishra has lived her characters. We believe that this years best actors national award should be given to her. In end we will say that Ram Singh Charlie is such an movie which you should watch with your whole family.

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