Rumors About Next Monster Movie May Be About King Kong’s Son

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Legendary is in talks with Godzilla vs. Adam Wingard. Kong is about to produce a new episode of Monsterworth based on the classic Son of Kong movie. Rumors About Next Monster Movie May Be About King Kong’s Son.

Rumors About Next Monster Movie May Be About King Kong’s Son

Following the success of Godzilla Vs. Kong – Godzilla Vs. You can read Kong from this link – Legendary Pictures production company, which has other famous films in its repertoire including Batman Nolan trilogy and Inception, is looking to make a new version of Monster, and this time maybe one of the classic titles of this series, Son Reconstruct of Kong .

At one point, especially after the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019, it seemed that the series was coming to an end. But now after Godzilla Vs. Kong and the good reception it received It seems that the monster has entered a new world. Similarly, more films are being considered for this series, and once again Adam Wingard will sit in their director’s chair.

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According to a new report, Adam Wingard is in talks with Legendary Pictures. In order to co-produce a new film about the world of monsters. No decision has yet been made on its nature. But it is said that the film will be based on the old title of Son of Kong, released in 1933.

As we said, the film Son of Kong was released in 1933. The production of this film was done very quickly. And in fact this film was released after the release of the original version of King Kong in the same year. In this movie, King Kong returns to Skull Island and Kong’s son finds a small monkey (which, of course, is still very large). There have been mixed reviews of the film. And of course its very sad ending may not have been pleasant to viewers.

The Unexpected Success of Godzilla Vs. Kong has raised rumors about making other movies in the world of these monsters during the outbreak of the Corona virus. The film has already grossed over $ 400 million at the box office. And is considered one of the best-selling films of the Corona era .

Adam Wingard is currently working on other projects, including Face Off 2 and ThunderCats. Although production of the new Monster movie is still in its infancy, more news is likely to be released soon.

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