Sony Talks About Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

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The famous and loved gaming series, Horizon is getting lot of attention now a days. Although the release date about Horizon Forbidden West is still unconfirmed. Sony Talks About Horizon Forbidden West Release Date.

One of Sony’s new Instagram ads for the PlayStation 5 reiterates that Horizon Forbidden West will be released in 2021.

Sony Talks About Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

Recently, rumors have been circulating on the Internet that the release of the much-anticipated Horizon Forbidden West, like other major PlayStation 5 exclusives, has been delayed until 2022. Now, with the release of the video, it seems that these rumors are not true, at least for now. Sony has mentioned in its latest promotional image for the PlayStation 5 console that Horizon Forbidden West will be released in 2021.

The sponsor of this ad, which you can see below, is the Irish branch of PlayStation on Instagram, and at the bottom of the image, several games are mentioned, one of which is Horizon Forbidden West, and next to it, the name “Late 2021” is listed. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan also spoke in a recent interview with Famitsu Magazine about the release of Horizon Forbidden West in late 2021 .

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Jason Schreier, a well-known author of Bloomberg Magazine and one of the leading insiders in the gaming industry regarding the Horizon Forbidden West delay, replied to someone who said, “This game will definitely be delayed until 2022.” “It has been delayed.” Schreier’s answer means that the release date of this game was once secretly postponed, and this is related to the time when it was supposed to be released only for the PlayStation 4.

According to news sources on the VideoGamesChronicle website, the development phase of Horizon Forbidden West began shortly after the successful release of the first installment, and before Gorilla Games focused on developing the game for Sony’s next-generation console, it was originally scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4 only. .

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