Tandav Web Series Review

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We hope you already are familiar with the newly released series Tandav. Tandav is a political drama based series and it has quite a lot of potential. Lets see a detailed Tandav Web Series Review.

Tandav Web Series Review

Tandav Overview

Tandav is a new web series which is recently released On Amazon Prime. It is based on political drama and its main characters are hardly focused and willing to grab the seat of prime minister. Everyone wants to be Prime Minister Of India. Apart From that there half time is being spend on University students, what politics is going in between them all that also you will be able watch.

Tandav Web series have divided up its Runtime in between two sections Means National Level politics and student Level Politics. But we didn’t see any link between them as in trailer Saif Ali Khan Said “Ab iss Rajneeti Mai Chankya Neeti Laane Ka Time Aagya Hai”. It means that he will become the Chankya
and Create Shiv As Chandragupt in this politics. But the person who he was creating up Chandragupt not give him much benefits or he didn’t able to make use of Shiv.

Balance Between Positive And Negative Aspects

Means things which National level politics have done in life of students or shiv. In order to bring some change was not seen much. On the screen means not seen any outcome of that. Some people will says that we will see this in Season 2 but they part 1 was created we didn’t see any glimpse of that in
Season 1.But its first season story is okay.

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Some good things or movements are there also and you will also see some twists. Which will work out also.Because of which you will be able to watch up whole web series and all the 9 episodes of it.

Characters Writing

There are some characters in the show for which writings was done good which also create impact on web series. If we take small examples also then policemen’s characters was very much liked and very much look like real life. But to manage up this positive side some negative side is also there, like
there are some characters who doesn’t create much sense in the webs series. The main background score is very good and the tension which is there in between the characters which make you feel.

Reason Why You Will Able To Watch Tandav

In Tandav webs series one thing which is not okay. That is its cast performances when its webs series trailer was released then many of the people was excited. That there so much good actors in the web series this web series is going to be phenomenal. All the actors performance was very good in the
web series because of that only we able to watch up this web series.

As we have talk up earlier that in order to manage up positive things some positive aspects are also there in the web series. Like there are 9 episodes in the web series But focus is being put on such things which outcomes is not there. National politics is being good to watch but more focus is being put on Student level politics which doesn’t have such big outcomes. One point is more in the web series that you have name your party as Tandav. But they not take such big risks which looks like Tandav.

Tandav whole web series is okay if you have time and willing to watch then you can watch. If you have already watch then what are your opinions on Tandav then let us know in the comments.

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