The Queen’s Gambit Web Series Review

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In Queen’s Gambit Story we followed a story of girl whose name is Beth Harmin who is an Orphan. One day when she see some people playing chess in orphanage by seeing them a desire get builds into her heart to play chess and how he came out from their and make her name in the world by playing chess whole story is based on this in Queen’s Gambit. Lets get into it, The Queen’s Gambit Web Series Review.

The newly released series is far more interesting than you thought, based on chess player. But still manages to attract people to itself. A masterpiece in itself.

The Queen’s Gambit Web Series Review

Is It Require to have knowledge about chess in order to understand the Queen’s Gambit?

The answer is No, we know that this story is dominated by chess and web series name also decided on Chess aspect but actually the matches which is been played in web series but they have not put much focus on chess game strategies which we were expecting in web series. In chess game which are little bit strategies or details on that directors have not much focus instead of that they have focus much more on player’s facial expressions and other things. So its mean even if you don’t know anything about chess then also you will able to understand the web series by seeing up the players reaction.

Do You Think Chess Is Boring?

The people who have not played chess earlier before they mostly think that chess is boring game but on other side the people who have played chess they know it better that it takes time to settle up the game then once the game move forward then the more interest is build up in that game. This same structure is followed by Queen’s Gambit Series in starting may be you found it boring but after some time when game move forward then you found it very more interesting. The people who think that the movie based on Cricket or Football are more interesting only then you must watch this web series till end.

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Is It Similar To Earlier Movies Related To Games?

After fully watching up this web series you will understand the story which we have seen in this is little bit quite similar same as other sports movie which you have seen earlier. But when you start watching the web series then you will so invested into the characters that you will not realized that you have watch this type of movie or web series earlier.

Some Strong Points In Queen’s Gambit

The Strong point of all over the show is Lead actress Anya Tylor Joy performance whenever she come on screen when we see her performance all the focus stopped at her only. If you are not understanding dialogues or chess moves but when you will see her performance you will understand all the this. The Queen Gambit shoes work so better from starting to end it will hooked you even if you don’t remember the name of characters but you will remember the characters. The Queen Gambit is a type of web series which everyone must tried it. If you get the habit of watching the web series or movies. I will must say that tried it even if you don’t know how to play chess

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