Vaccine Certificate Correction – Modify Name, Mobile Number, Aadhar

Now that India has done record-breaking Covid registration and has provided doses against the Coronavirus. Those who have downloaded the certificate from the various option provided by the government and find any mistake can now make the change. If they made any slight error in the registration process for Covid-19, CoWIN Certificate they are now required to make corrections in the details.

Those who have done any mistakes can modify and fill in the correct details for their certificates. After carefully filling in the correct details for your CoWIN certificate, one can download it. The certificate will be in a PDF format you can keep on your phone and show when required and asked by any legit authority.

Your details regarding the take of doses, both one and two will also be updated in the new certificate. The Cowin Vaccination Certificate can be now corrected through the website of CoWIN: The steps to make the amendments required and the terms and conditions are provided here in the article.

Those who want to log in through a Mobile number can enter their number at the CoWIN portal. Then they can make changes to the details such as DOB, gender etc. Now the certificates are made mandatory for travelling abroad. Countries are losing the restriction upon the tourists to enter in their countries, one will need a certificate with all the correct ionformation.

The correction can be made with help of the mobile number used while doing the registration. The steps are easy. Please check the terms before making any move regarding the correction in the certificate. The steps are provided in the last paragraph of this article.

The government has given more than one option to access the Correction process. Those who want to sign in with the help of the Aadhar card can do so now. They just have to follow the steps below. To make changes to the certificate one can use the Digilocker app as well, and log in with the Digilocker MeriPehchaan option.

Follow the above steps if you do not want to use your phone number due to any reason.

Terms of Vaccine certificate Amendments:

Millions of people have already got jabbed for the Covid-19 Virus. The government has issued the certification as proof to those who have registered and got the doses against the Corona. Chances are that you might have made any mistake while registering, now is the opportunity to improve the mistake. Follow the steps:

Note: Beneficiaries are allowed to make only two changes to their respective certificates.

Go to the website and utilise this one-time opportunity provided to all by the Government of India as quickly as you can.

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