Vanuatu Tsunami Alert After Earthquake – Affected Areas, Timing

In the South Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu felt the jolts of the earthquake on 8th Jan 2023. The magnitude was 7.0. Now the people have given the warning of the Tsunami near the coast. The administration is at work to safeguard the people and property. Tsunamis are generally caused by the earthquake

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Being situated in the ocean, it is prone to natural disasters. The Vanuatu earthquake was reported around 6:02 in the evening. The archipelago land is comprised of 83 islands. The earthquake was reported around 44 miles northwest of Jost Van DYKE at 19° N latitude and a longitude of 65.1° W.

The earthquake that has the epicentre Vanuatu affected another country, the Solomon Islands. The disaster was 72 km from Luganville, Vanuatu.  The population living there counts up to 292,680. The nearby places in Vanuatu also felt the jolts in a few minutes gaps.

There is a fear of earthquakes and aftershocks among the people. The people are advised to stay away from the shores. Those driving on roads should be cautious of the lights and the trees damaged by the quake. The island is located in the north of  New Zealand and east of Australia. The island has two cities, namely Luganville and Port-Vila, the capital.

The earthquake affected the areas at Vanuata and around the area are mentioned in the table below as per the issue in the news. In Vanuatu, there is a special tectonic situation causing more earthquakes than average.

The magnitude ranged from 7 to 5 of the waves. A lot of destruction was caused by the disaster. There are around six volcanoes that are active in that area, along with earthquakes. The land is grouped into 6 regions.

The administration of Vanuatu issued a tsunami advisory in and near the Vanuatu islands. Till now, the most muscular tidal wave that has been reported is around 12m in height.

Though the warning was taken back in a few hours. They said the tsunami occurring time is over, and the locals shall not worry. No causality was reported as per the administration. The island is situated in the Ring of Fire region, which is known for its seismic faults and hence causing volcanoes and earthquakes.

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