What Makes Harry Potter Franchise Great

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Today we will be going to talk about Harry Potter Movie Franchise. This is not part of discussion that its good or bad because harry potter franchise already prove itself that its great.

Then also if you do discussion about harry potter with any of friends there will be some friends who will says that its only for kids. So we will talk about what is the reason which make Harry Potter Franchise Great and is it For kids only. Check Official site of Harry Potter.

What Makes Harry Potter Franchise Great

Point Which Tells Its Not For Kids

From one point its looks like that Harry Potter is for kids only when you will watch its first and second part. Because in both of the movie our main characters are kids and story is focused on them then one feeling came that its for kids. But at the same time you cannot deny at one point in the
Harry potter part 1 where people says it is for kids in that movie only you will see so many small details and so much things are being setup in that which plays a very important in further franchise movies. You will realize that its not only for Kids.

If You Are Movie Nerd Then Harry Potter Is Gold For You

If you watch movie casually if you only wants entertainments then in every part you will get entertainment. But if you are nerd you want to put brain at every small small details then this franchise is pure gold for you. Whole new world is being shown up in the movie and at every thing there is something behind it.

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If you will watch all of its movie by being focused then you will get shock that how much well planned was the whole franchise and in some aspects its goes beyond Marvel Universe. The Thing which make it Great that is Imagination scale which is how to us means the fantasy world which is shown and its characters.

Reason Why Harry Potter Franchise Is Great And Remain Forever

Even if you not remember all the movie in details but you must remember any one of the major incidents of that movie. If in whole franchise we talk about our favorite movie then its very difficult to choose anyone movie. Finally we have decided 7th movie part 2 which is Harry Potter And
Deathly Hallow Part 2.After reading this you must be thinking that there are so many big battles that’s why I have chosen up this part.

The Biggest reason for selecting this part is Harry Potter Pay Off Almost everything ends perfectly, so what else satisfaction you want from any web series or movie franchise. This thing only make it Franchise Great Because its difficult to end any web series or Movie Franchise Perfectly. You have seen many of the Big web series mostly watched webs series who’s starting is very awesome but its ending disheartened you not up to the point as you expected.

After reading up this article if you are thinking to watch this whole Franchise Movies again then you can watch it on Amazon Prime. And what are your own memories for Harry Potter let us know in the Comments.

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