Why There Is Shortage Of Xbox X/S And PlayStation 5?

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Despite being so famous and in demand why there is still shortage of consoles? Problems still persist with the supply of these consoles. Why There Is Shortage Of Xbox X/S And PlayStation 5?

Why There Is Shortage Of Xbox X/S And Playstation 5

It has been several months since the release of the Xbox X / S and PlayStation 5 consoles, but it is still very difficult to buy these consoles. A number of stores today introduced new consoles, all of which sold out quickly. There are many reasons for the lack of Xbox X / S and PlayStation 5 consoles, but the most important reason is the global shortage of computer chips created by the Corona virus pandemic. The closure of factories has reduced the number of graphics cards made by AMD and Nvidia.

Since the Xbox X / S and PlayStation 5 series use AMD graphics cards, the problem of home console shortages will not be resolved until graphics card production returns to normal. The corona virus pandemic has also slowed the overall pace of global trade, which is very effective.

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The problem of shortage of consoles was supposed to be solved by the beginning of 2021, but in the last few months, the production speed of Xbox X Series and PlayStation 5 has slowed down even more than before. Walmart and Best Buy today launched new consoles that sold out in just a few hours. Of course, the popularity of the Xbox S Series is not great, and this console is not yet available.

Brokers are another important factor in creating this situation. Until a few months ago, 10% to 15% of PlayStation 5 consoles in the United States were purchased by these people. According to published statistics, these people earned about $ 43.2 billion from the sale of the PlayStation 5.

Foxconn, the world’s largest maker of electronics, believes that the shortage of computer chips could continue until mid-2022. The situation is so bad that the White House started an investigation a few months ago. However, the results of this research have not been determined yet and no solution has been found for this problem.

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