Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date is confirmed by the makers and it is all set to release soon to know more about Yellowstone season 5 and the release date then read the full article.

The paramount network has released the date for Yellowstone season 5. And you will soon be going to experience it. So get ready for another season of Yellowstone full of romance, drama, deceit, violence, and betrayal because as Dutton’s return for a fifth season.

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After watching the trailer for 5th season it looks like John wins the election of governor, after becoming the Governor he fires everyone and then makes his daughter Beth chief of staff. In an interview with Kevin Coster talked about how he identifies with the story in the new season.

“There’s some underlying currents that I actually identify… it’s the land that’s at war. People who think that one man has too much, there are people that know what they would do with the land… the whole thing of all these people attacking this guy and he’s trying to hold on to it, and I can relate to that.”

As we all know the new season of Yellowstone season five is coming out on 13 November 2022. So in the new season, you will be going to see many of the main cast from the previous season. For you, we have the list of the cast of Yellowstone season 5. The list is as follows.

The paramount network has already shared the trailer of Yellowstone season 5. The trailer begins with John being sworn in as a governor before everything starts to unravel. The trailer clearly indicates that there is going to be more conflict for the Dutton family in the coming days.

After the trailer, the Paramount network shares some small pretty juicy clips on their social media accounts. Those clips hints at a pretty wild showdown between Jamie and his sister Beth Dutton.

As for now, the Yellowstone has not been released now it will be going to be released on 13 November 2022. So it is expected that the Kelvin Costner-led series will return with almost 14 episodes. And whenever season five will release it will be confirmed and you will get an update on our website. The starting of new season 5 will begin with a two-hour-long episode.

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